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KFC 4 Dunked Wings – Flavorful Delight


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Indulge in the delightful experience of the KFC 4 Dunked Wings. In this article, we’ll take you through the enticing details of this flavor-packed menu item.


What’s Included

The 4 Dunked Wings meal includes:

  • 4 KFC famous Zinger Wings
  • Dunked in a delectable blend of honey, ginger, and soy sauce


You can enjoy this flavorful delight for just R44.90, making it an affordable choice for a delightful meal.


Discover the nutritional content of the 4 Dunked Wings:


Nutrient Amount

Specific nutritional information for this menu item is currently unavailable. We recommend enjoying it in moderation.

Additional Extras to Add

Enhance your KFC experience by adding these optional extras:

  • No Sugar Coca-Cola 1.5 L: Stay refreshed with a no-sugar Coca-Cola, available for an additional charge.
  • Large Chips: Add a serving of large chips to complement your Dunked Wings.
  • Regular Mash and Gravy: Enjoy the classic combination of regular mash and gravy alongside your wings.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the 4 Dunked Wings:

1. What is the flavor of the Dunked Wings?

KFC’s Dunked Wings are known for their flavorful blend of honey, ginger, and soy sauce, offering a unique and delightful taste.

2. Can I order a larger quantity of Dunked Wings?

Yes, you can customize your order to include a larger quantity of Dunked Wings to satisfy your appetite.

3. Are the Dunked Wings suitable for vegetarians?

No, the Dunked Wings are a chicken-based menu item and are not suitable for vegetarians. KFC offers other vegetarian options; please check our menu for alternatives.

4. Is there a vegetarian version of the Dunked Wings available?

Currently, KFC does not offer a vegetarian version of the Dunked Wings. Please explore our vegetarian options for alternatives.

5. Are there any promotions or discounts available for this menu item?

KFC frequently offers promotions and discounts. Keep an eye on our website or app for the latest deals on Dunked Wings.

6. Can I order the Dunked Wings online for delivery?

Yes, you can easily order the Dunked Wings online through the SA Menus website or app for convenient delivery to your location.

7. Can I request contactless delivery for my order?

Yes, KFC provides contactless delivery options for your safety and convenience. Simply specify your preference when placing your order.

8. Are there any allergens in the Dunked Wings?

While specific allergen information is not provided, please inform our staff of any allergies or dietary restrictions when placing your order.

9. Can I order the Dunked Wings for a group or party?

Absolutely! You can order Dunked Wings in larger quantities to cater to your group or party needs. Contact your nearest KFC branch for assistance.

10. Can I enjoy Dunked Wings as part of a KFC bucket meal?

Yes, you can add Dunked Wings to your bucket meal for a delightful combination of KFC favorites. Customize your order to suit your preferences.


KFC’s 4 Dunked Wings offer a unique and flavorful twist to the classic Zinger Wings. The combination of honey, ginger, and soy sauce creates an unforgettable taste experience. Customize your order with optional extras and savor the flavor. Order now and treat your taste buds!

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