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KFC Menu: Wrapsta Twister

Posted On: 07 October 2023



Experience a culinary revolution with the KFC Wrapsta Twister. This innovative delight features a spicy crunch fillet, ripe tomato, crisp lettuce, creamy cheese, and tangy dressing, all harmoniously enclosed in a mini tortilla. Grilled to perfection, the Wrapsta Twister is a game-changer that will redefine your mealtime experience.


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What’s Included

The Wrapsta Twister is a flavor-packed masterpiece. Here’s what you’ll find within this culinary creation:

  • Spicy Crunch Fillet: The star of the show, this fillet brings the perfect blend of spice and crunch.
  • Ripe Tomato: Juicy and fresh, the tomato adds a burst of flavor.
  • Crisp Lettuce: A crunchy and refreshing element that complements the fillet.
  • Creamy Cheese: Delivers a rich and satisfying creaminess to the wrap.
  • Tangy Dressing: KFC’s secret dressing that ties all the ingredients together in perfect harmony.


Now, let’s explore the pricing options for the Wrapsta Twister:

  • Wrapsta Twister Only: R34.90

For those who crave customization, KFC offers these enticing extras:

  • Extra Cheese Slice: +R6.00
  • Extra Tangy Dressing: +R6.00


If you’re conscious about the nutritional content of your meal, here’s the information you need for the Wrapsta Twister:

Nutritional Information Per Serving
Energy (kJ) Not Available
Protein (g) Not Available
Carbohydrates (g) Not Available
Total Fat (g) Not Available
Saturated Fat (g) Not Available
Mono-unsaturated Fat (g) Not Available
Poly-unsaturated Fat (g) Not Available
Trans Fatty Acids (g) Not Available
Cholesterol (mg) Not Available
Sodium (mg) Not Available
Potassium (mg) Not Available
Iron (mg) Not Available
Calcium (mg) Not Available
Vitamin A (RE) Not Available
Vitamin C (mg) Not Available
Total Dietary Fiber (g) Not Available
Sugar (g) Not Available

Additional Extras to Add

Elevate your Wrapsta Twister experience by adding these delectable extras:

  • Extra Cheese Slice: Indulge in more cheesiness for an extra layer of delight.
  • Extra Tangy Dressing: Enhance the tangy goodness with an additional drizzle of KFC’s secret dressing.


Got questions about the Wrapsta Twister? We’ve got answers to the most common ones:

1. Is the Wrapsta Twister very spicy?

The Wrapsta Twister has a spicy crunch fillet, but it’s not excessively spicy. The flavors are well-balanced for a satisfying taste.

2. Can I customize the toppings in my Wrapsta Twister?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to add extra cheese or tangy dressing according to your preferences.

3. What makes the dressing tangy?

KFC’s tangy dressing is a secret recipe that combines various flavors to create a uniquely tangy and delicious taste.

4. Is the Wrapsta Twister suitable for vegetarians?

The Wrapsta Twister contains a spicy crunch fillet, so it’s not suitable for vegetarians. KFC offers vegetarian options on their menu; you can check for those.

5. Can I order the Wrapsta Twister for delivery?

Yes, KFC offers delivery services, allowing you to enjoy the Wrapsta Twister from the comfort of your home.

6. Are there any ongoing promotions for the Wrapsta Twister?

KFC often introduces promotions and discounts on their menu items, including the Wrapsta Twister. Keep an eye out for special offers.

7. How is the mini tortilla in the Wrapsta Twister prepared?

The mini tortilla is grilled to perfection, giving it a warm and slightly crispy texture that complements the other ingredients.

8. Can I order a meal with the Wrapsta Twister?

KFC offers the Wrapsta Twister as a standalone item. If you prefer a meal, you can explore other options from their menu.

9. Does the Wrapsta Twister come with any side dishes?

The Wrapsta Twister is typically served on its own. If you’d like to add side dishes, KFC offers a variety of options.

10. What’s the best way to enjoy the Wrapsta Twister?

The best way to savor the Wrapsta Twister is to enjoy it when it’s fresh and hot. The combination of flavors is at its peak when it’s just been prepared.


The KFC Wrapsta Twister is a culinary masterpiece that introduces a delightful twist to your mealtime. With a spicy crunch fillet, fresh vegetables, creamy cheese, and tangy dressing, all wrapped up in a perfectly grilled mini tortilla, it’s a game changer in the world of fast food.

Experience the magic of the Wrapsta Twister and discover a new level of taste and satisfaction. Whether you choose to customize it with extras or enjoy it as is, it’s a culinary journey worth embarking on.


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